Go farther than Lewis and Clark ever did! Rent surf gear and catch some waves in some of the warmest, least crowded water in the Pacific Northwest, No booties, hoods or gloves required in summer months.  Note - If you're surfing be sure to check out our 'explore'  page for a breakdown of surfing on the Long Beach Peninsula.

24 Hour Rental = from time of rental until the same time the following day. 

Additional 24 Hour Rental = additional 24 hours added to the original rental at a discounted rate.

*All surf rentals include car straps, wetsuit totes if you need them.

**Booking surf rentals online involves a 6% booking fee but works out cheaper than booking onsite.

For checking local surf conditions we highly recommend the Swell Info App or

Check our scheduled times for surf lessons to see ideal surf time for any given day based on the tide.  Ideal surf times on the peninsula beaches are 2-3 hours before high tide.

Please return suits inside out (covered in sand is ok).  Please return surfboards with sand removed, if possible.

*Multi day and group discounts are also available!


Soft-top surfboard / $30 per 24 hours

Soft-top surfboard/ $25 per additional 24 hours


Wetsuit / $25 per 24 hours

Wetsuit / $20 per additional 24 hours



DB skimboard / $18 per 24 hours

DB skimboard / $15 per additional 24 hours


 Catch Surf Bodyboard / $14 per 24 hours

 Catch Surf Bodyboard / $10 per additional 24 hours