Skookum Surf Cam

Your remote surf check, located at the [pickled fish] restaurant.

(it will show that it is insecure on your first visit).


The Long Beach Peninsula is a great place to learn how to surf, it can dish up some really fun beach break and there's always whitewater for the beginner surfer.

  • Water temps are typically 10 degrees warmer than anywhere northwest.

  • With 28 miles of sand beach, you never have to worry about crowds.

  • If you're looking for company in the water, you're most likely to find other surfers at the Seaview beach approach on 38th street Seaview.

  • If you're already an experienced surfer and are looking to explore the area, look for east winds or under 10 knots, swell height under 4 ft, and swell period 11-15 sec when checking your favorite surf forecast website.

  • For checking local surf conditions we highly recommend the Swell Info App or website

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The water here can get warm but it is NEVER warm enough to surf without a wetsuit

  • There is often a side shore current on the beach which is not dangerous in itself but is something to be aware of (hint: don't drift further than you're willing to walk back up the beach)

  • The surf is usually bigger than it looks from the beach, the slope of the beach is very shallow

  • If you are not a strong paddler, stay waist to chest deep

  • Surf with buddies