Steven Furio

Steven, a Seaview native, has been teaching surf lessons with Skookum for over 10 years. " My goal is for my guests to have a memorable experience, and to ignite their stoke for surfing and the ocean. My ongoing passion is to build a strong surf community & scene on the Long Beach Peninsula!”


tyler starks

As a wanna be Captain Planet, "My life is consumed by learning and mastering the art of sliding on water in every imaginable way. The North West has some of the best wild locations to enjoy, and my goal is to be the best ambassador for them as I can. I also seek to spread as much knowledge and stoke through surfing!”


justice schenk

Justice first learned to surf at Skookum years ago with instructors Steve and Tyler. “Since then I’ve been traveling the world and surfing some of the best waves our planet has to offer. I have competed internationally and have even been on the podium a time or two, but competition is only one facet of our unique sport. Surfing is an incredible way to immerse yourself in the natural world and is unparalleled in that respect. While I’m in Long Beach I would like to share my expertise with as many people as possible. You never know where surfing will take you, but it starts with a lesson at Skookum Surf Co.”.